Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China
Redemption of goods with the internet platform in China
(TaoBao, and others)
We will contact the suppliers, clarify the presence of each position, make an estimate. We will buy the goods, arrange for delivery in China, packaging and further delivery to your door
Working with Bridge to China
you get
Secure transaction
Turnkey delivery (from the supplier’s plant to your door)
Product Verification for Health and Integrity
Service cost 10% of the total value of the wholesale consignment
Reliable product packaging
Purchase of goods for a short time
Step-by-diagram of production
You fill in and send to us in detail. application form for service
We send you a commercial offer with the results of the negotiations and indicating the cost of our services
On the day you receive a prepayment we order goods from supplier
If everything is good with the goods, we pack and arrange shipping and customs clearance in Your country
After checking your application, we negotiate with the supplier and find out the timing, availability and prices of good
You study the offer, make prepayment for goods and our services and we get down to work
In 2–5 days, the goods will arrive at us on warehouse and we check it carefully
You get the goods in stock transport company and pay cost of delivery
Multibrend trade online China platform