Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China

Air Cargo Transportation
from China to Russia and Ukraine

Specify the parameters of your shipment
Terms of aviation delivery
Shipping prices From $ 6$-14$ per 1 kg
The exact price is set on the basis of the product category and its code of the HS. Each category has its own rate for customs payments. Price is subject to customs clearance
Minimum weight 10 kg
The minimum weight for the carriage of goods from China – 300 kg. From 500 kg are SPECIAL conditions
Delivery terms 8 days
Sea freight from China usually takes 35 days from the date of departure from the port in China on our route. With the change of the route dates are adjusted. In case of delay, we will pay a penalty of 0.2% for each day of delay
Cargo insurance 2%
Insurance is not a mandatory service. But we recommend to insure the goods. In case of damage or loss of cargo, we will compensate for 100% of the value of the cargo within 30 days
Frequency of shipments 5 days a week
Cargo from China is shipped by sea from Chinese ports 2 times a week. We independently consolidate the cargo every day and load it into a container preparing for shipment
Warehouses in China in 5 cities
Our warehouses are located in the most popular cities of China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Urumqi, Heihe. We consolidate your cargo and deliver it to the container loading point
Customs Borders 1 state
Cargo from China is shipped by sea to Russia to the port where the customer’s warehouse is closer or it is more profitable to pay customs duties. Often it is St. Petersburg or Vladivostok. We deliver cargo to any port of Russia
We deliver to any city of Russia and Ukraine
Consolidation warehouses are located in cities: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk (Russia), Odessa (Ukraine). Then we can send the goods to any city in Russia and Ukraine by domestic companies.
Additional services
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We will accept payment for goods in any currency (UAH, RUB, USD, BTC) and send Your supplier RMB
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Customs clearance will include in the cost of delivery
We will consolidate the cargo in one warehouse
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Air delivery from China

As one of the world's leading exporters, China is also a country with a well-developed transport communications system, which allows local producers and consumers of their products to build quite effective delivery schemes from seller to buyer. Most often, road, railway or sea transport is used for these purposes. However, when it comes to the most reliable and quick delivery the only acceptable way is Air delivery of goods from China.

Why is the delivery of goods from China to Russia by air so profitable?

Of course there are other less expensive ways to purchase products in China. However, none of them can compete with air delivery in speed, as well as in:

  • Reliability – air transport has traditionally been considered the safest, significantly outperforming trucking, seafreight and even railway
  • The safety of the goods – the risk of intentional or accidental damage to the cargo in this case is minimal
  • Versatility – product lots different by volume and content can be delivered even to the most remote regions of the Russian Federation

Features of air delivery from China to Russia

Depending on the specifics of the transported goods (weight, need to create special storage conditions, space requirements), their delivery can be carried out both in the luggage compartment of the passenger liner, and by cargo plane or charter flight. At the same time, transportation of consolidated consignments can significantly increase the economic efficiency of transportation.

As for the process of air delivery from China to Russia, it includes several stages:

  • The development of an optimal route. In many cases it allows significant reduction of transportation costs
  • Cost calculation – our experts analyze a number of factors (distance between departure and destination points, weight, volume and characteristics of the cargo) and calculate the final price of its delivery to the recipient in the Russian Federation
  • Organization of cargo reception – the goods are marked and placed in temporary warehouses before the cargo dispatch
  • Paperwork – at this stage, the full package of transport and customs documentation is filled out and approved
  • Packaging – depending on the product type they are packaged in appropriate containers. It can be containers, cylinders, platforms, wooden or cardboard boxes
  • Customs control. It is a mandatory procedure, without which the cargo will not be able to cross the border

Air delivery from China to Russia will be the best way to organize logistics if:

  • the case is the transportation of perishable (food), expensive (jewelry, electronics) or fragile goods
  • The speed of delivery is more important than its cost
  • It is necessary to deliver goods to areas with poorly developed system of roads and railways

Why we?

For more than three decades of successful activity in this and a number of related market segments, our company has gained rich experience in interacting with customers and is ready to offer you:

  • The insurance of the transported products
  • Qualified assistance in matters of certification and customs clearance
  • Our own storage facilities in five Chinese cities.
Calculation of air delivery cost from China
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