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We know how to choose the most appropriate form of business so that it brings good profit.

Wise decisions made upon creating your company will accelerate your success.

How to start a business in China? How to get the most favorable attitude to taxation and the trading environment? How to reduce transportation costs and overheads by placing them in the right place? How to choose the most suitable form of business for the effective orientation and development of the company? BTC will solve all these problems for you thanks to many years of experience.

The development of your company will directly depend on the strategy that you will follow. Bridge to China will help you choose the most suitable form of business and determine the development paths of a trading company.

● Representation:

An organization engaged in entrepreneurial activity that does not result in direct profits from the office. A foreign company applying for re-service must be legally registered in its country of origin for at least 12 months.

● Limited company without invoice VAT:

The work of the organization involved in entrepreneurial activity, which leads to direct profit, is carried out by the company itself. However, only a general invoice of 6% tax can be issued, not a 17% invoice.

● The limited company issues a VAT invoice:

An organization engaged in entrepreneurial activity that leads to direct profits made by the company and is entitled to issue an invoice of 17%.

We will also help determine which method of transportation will be the most suitable and less costly. If you are new to trade and do not know how to start a business in China, contact our specialists.

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