Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China
Quality control

We will determine the product quality level, as well as help you adjust your business plan.

Quality control with well-documented process protocols is of great importance in developing a process sequence that meets customer requirements. This allows you to seamlessly transfer processes from one department to another, accelerating the entire cycle from prototyping to production and creates the ability to produce elements under a manufacturer’s license or to optimize an existing production process.

With the help of our experienced staff, extensive modern methods, tools and connections, we provide the best quality control services, diagnose the problems of your process and evaluate the quality of a third-party manufacturer and much more. Thanks to this, you can get high-quality goods from factories in China.

BTC offers multi-level inspection services and quality control solutions to help manufacturers reduce waste, comply with rules and standards, and adapt to customer specific requirements. Our professional inspection teams serve a variety of industries. We offer quality control for products of Chinese factories for many industries, including: clothing, home textiles, furniture, security products, household appliances and electronic devices. Our proven methodology for analysis and quality control saves millions of dollars each year to both manufacturers and customers.

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