Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China
Infrastructure development

Ability to establish long-term trust
partnership in the banking sector

Many people nowadays are afraid to start their own business, since the beginning businessmen face risks coming from all sides. BTC company provides its services to beginners in the trading sector. The basis of this company is the establishment of a business partnership with China. This country supplies a huge number of a wide variety of products to the world market. If you build a correct algorithm of actions and find reliable and honest partners, you can build a profitable and safe business based on goods from China. The Chinese government supports newcomers in all aspects of business models (EPC, EPC + Finance, BOT, PPP). Banks of China such as Eximbank, Chinese Development Bank, etc. provide lending services on the most favorable terms.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once introduced a strategic concept called the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Marine Silk Road. Later it became known as “One Belt and One Road”. This strategy allows you to start a business based on products from China from scratch to almost everyone who has certain ambitions and at least a small starting capital. It involves laying a trade route through Asia to countries in Africa and Europe. Many of them have close trade and investment relations with China and deepen cooperation in terms of building infrastructure and other development projects. The strategy emphasizes the government’s desire to participate more actively in global economic and political affairs, as well as export Chinese technology and manufacturing facilities.

Together with PBS Investment Corp, we present an enterprise that provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at trade and the business as a whole. BTC cooperates with West Asian countries under the auspices of EPC + Finance. Our clients may not worry about the financial side of the deal, as we care about establishing long-term and trusting partnerships in the banking sector.

We are currently focusing on developing our business with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We can work with West Asia under the auspices of EPC + Finance.

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