Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China

Cost of cargo delivery from China to Russia

In recent years the intensity of trade between Russia and China has been steadily increasing. And this is understandable because our countries directly border each other. The suppliers from China are ready to present a vast assortment of all kinds of goods of quite acceptable quality at very competitive prices.

However, problems with logistics can become a serious obstacle for those wishing to establish beneficial interaction with Chinese manufacturers, since not every transoprt company in Russia is able to provide acceptable delivery terms and proper quality of service.

Our company has more than thirty years of experience in the field of international trade and is pleased to offer you a great way out - a new service "Cargo delivery from China to Russia". At your service:

  1. Possibility of prompt delivery of various products to any city of the Russian Federation
  2. Availability of our own warehouses in five Chinese cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Urumqi, Heihe)
  3. Insurance
  4. Favorable prices
  5. Perfectly streamlined quality control system


What determines the cost of delivery

In each case, the cost of the transportation from China to Russia is calculated individually. In this case, a number of factors have the most serious impact on the final price, including:

  • Distance between departure and destination points
  • Way of transportation (it can be a truck, a plane, railway or sea transport)
  • Delivery times (express will cost more)
  • Product specifics (loading/unloading method, type of packaging, storage conditions)
  • The presence/absence of related additional services


Classification of products we work with

Our company is ready to timely and efficiently carry out the transportation of various products. Depending on the applicable transportation rules, they are all divided into the following main categories:

  • Bulk cargo – as a rule, do not require special storage conditions. As for loading / unloading, both of these procedures can be carried out in bulk using the appropriate equipment.
  • Dusty and powdery - this type includes various kinds of finely dispersed substances which show a tendency to spray during loading/unloading operations as well as during transportation. To prevent this, a set of appropriate measures should be taken.
  • Liquid substances and mixtures of various consistencies, the transportation of which is carried out exclusively in containers intended for these purposes (meaning sealed containers, barrels or tanks)
  • Gaseous - like the bulk liquids described above, this type of cargo needs special transportation conditions and strict observance of safety requirements.
  • Piece goods or so called general - this group includes an extensive range of various cargoes, to which it is possible to apply piece nomenclature. Their transportation can be carried out both in packaged and unpacked form.
  • Perishable - transportation of such goods involves the use of special vehicles, which is able to provide support for the appropriate temperature conditions (in this case we mean refrigerated trucks or isothermal vans).
  • Oversized - the category includes goods which dimensions are more than 4 meters in height and / or more than 2.65 meters in width. Their variety is the so-called long loads (overhang exceeds 2 meters)
  • Dangerous cargoes - the definition implies any materials, substances, products or industrial waste, the transportation of which is associated with a threat to human life, environment or objects.

The specifics of transportation (and hence its cost) also depends on the state of the transported substances. Liquid and gaseous cargoes require special containers (often hermetic), solid cargoes may need special packaging.

Storage conditions

Depending on this criterion, the cargo can be either ordinary - its delivery does not require compliance with any special requirements - or specific.

Among the latter are: perishable goods, the transportation of which is associated with the need to maintain a certain temperature, unsanitary (sewage or dusting). Also there are products weighing more than 250 kilograms, flammable, radioactive, poisonous or infectious (can become a source of radioactive infection or the spread of dangerous diseases), solid substances or liquids.

The need to create special conditions of storage and transportation is a mandatory requirement for caustic and corrosive substances, which, in particular, include various types of inorganic acids.


It has a significant impact on the final delivery cost from China to Russia. There are three main types of it: consumer, transport and additional.

The first does not fulfill the functions of a transport container and is intended solely to give the product the most aesthetic appearance, to familiarize the consumer with its key features and advantages. As a rule, it is included in the price of the delivered product and does not require separate payment during transportation.

Unlike consumer packaging described above, transport packaging is designed to protect the cargo from the destructive influence of environmental factors and ensure its integrity and safety during loading/unloading and delivery to the consumer.

Additional packaging is usually used when it comes to the transport of fragile goods, the safety of which requires a particularly careful approach (ceramic and glass products, appliances, cosmetics, furniture, expensive equipment).


One of the most important conditions for the timely and high-quality delivery is the correct labeling.

It is carried out by putting the corresponding notes on the packaging in the form of text or graphic symbols containing information about the rules of transportation and loading/unloading of a particular product or group of products.

The following types of marking are distinguished:

  • Fragile - an indication of the low mechanical strength of the cargo. Indicates the need for careful handling
  • Keep away from sunlight - prescribes to transport cargo isolating it from sunlight
  • Protect from moisture - contacts of the cargo with moisture should be excluded during delivery
  • Temperature limit - an appropriate temperature range is required
  • Perishable cargo - special storage and transportation conditions are required (freezers, refrigerators)
  • Sealed packaging - the cargo must not be in contact with the environment
  • Do not handle with hooks - do not use hooks for fixing, loading/unloading
  • Place for sling - slinging should be carried out exclusively in marked places
  • Do not lift with a trolley - it is forbidden to lift the cargo with a trolley by marked areas
  • This side up - indicates that this side of the cargo/packaging during transportation and related operations should be located on top
  • Lift cargo directly - handling via the packaging is forbidden
  • Open here - indicates where to open
  • Protect from radioactive sources - contact of the cargo with radioactive sources is not allowed
  • Do not roll - prohibits rolling the cargo
  • Do not clamp - clamping during transport or related operations is not allowed
  • Clamp here - indicates the area of the package or the cargo itself which is allowed to clamp
  • The limit of the number of tiers in a stack - indicates the maximum permissible number of tiers when stacking
  • Stacking is limited - the number of tiers when stacking should not exceed the permissible value
  • Stacking prohibited - stacking of cargo is prohibited
  • Tropical packaging - indicates the presence of special containers, the damage of which can lead to damage to the cargo in a tropical climate


Delivery Methods

Our specialists are ready to deliver the necessary cargo from China to Russia in one of the following ways:

  1. Express - carried out in two days (including customs clearance)
  2. Air - usually takes 8 to 14 days
  3. Railway - delivery time varies from 14 to 28 days
  4. Automobile transport - dispatch is carried out 5 times a week. The delivery time can reach 20 days.
  5. Sea transport - cargo will be delivered to the recipient within 35-50 days



We deliver to any settlement in Russian Federation. At the same time, the cost of services directly depends on the distance between the points of departure and destination.

This means that the cost of delivery, for example, from Guangzhou to Rostov, from Beijing to Moscow or from Shanghai to St. Petersburg will be different and calculated individually in each case.

Additional services

If necessary, each of our customers can count on expanding the list of services provided by the company. For a fee, we are ready to implement:

- Search for products and suppliers - our experts carefully monitor the situation on the market and are always ready to pick up respectful partners for mutually beneficial cooperation and truly high-quality products that fully meet your requirements.

- Inspection of factories - our employees in China will make sure that the supplier has a full package of necessary documentation, get acquainted with the production process, agree on the conditions, and help conclude a profitable contract

- Redemption of goods - includes a full range of services from ensuring the availability of goods, drawing up estimates and buyout procedures to packaging and arranging delivery to the door

- Payment by invoice to the supplier - you do not have to worry about opening foreign currency accounts or converting funds. Just transfer the required amount to the account of our company, and we will take on all these chores

- Translation - we have all the necessary capabilities to translate commercial, legal and marketing information and are ready to provide you with a personal translator who will accompany you on a business trip

- Quality control - we have all the necessary equipment and a rich arsenal of methods for identifying product quality

Are you ready to entrust us with the delivery of goods from China to Russia? We will be glad to see you among our customers! To become one of them, simply fill out a short form indicating the parameters of the order and a description of the relevant details. After that, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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