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Research of suppliers and manufacturers of products in China

Perhaps the main difficulty faced by the vast majority of Russian entrepreneurs and companies wishing to establish a mutually beneficial business with colleagues from China is the search for suppliers and manufacturers in China. To solve this problem is by no means as easy as it might seem at first glance. However, "not easy" does not mean "impossible".

In this material, we will try to introduce you in as much detail as possible to the key features of this process, the "pitfalls" and, most importantly, provide the recommendations which can significantly increase the chances of your business success.

To begin with, there are several most effective ways to find conscientious partners in China. These are personal meetings, visits to relevant exhibitions, fairs and presentations, and large Chinese venues specializing in online trading.

Personal Visit

This method is more suitable for large business representatives who want to organize the supply of serious batches of Chinese goods to Russia.

In this case, you will have the opportunity to personally evaluate the production facilities and warehouses available to your potential partners and make sure that the goods they offer really meet the stated criteria.

However, such an approach is fraught with a number of rather serious difficulties, the key of which are the language barrier (many Chinese businessmen do not speak English) and the inability to navigate the vicissitudes of local law. Of course, both of these circumstances can extremely negatively affect the results of a business trip.

Visiting presentations and exhibitions

Events of this kind are regularly and in large numbers held in various cities of China, and information about them can be easily found on the Internet.

Having visited one, or rather several of them, you will get a great opportunity to get acquainted with a number of manufacturing companies, as well as:

  • make useful personal acquaintances
  • significantly increase your chances of finding rare, if not exclusive products which practically guarantee considerable profit
  • You can count on getting solid discounts and bonuses

Naturally, it is worth considering that such methods of studying the Chinese market will require significant travel expenses.

Search for suppliers and manufacturers on online trading platforms

In recent years, the volume of Chinese goods distributed via the Internet has broken all conceivable records, and many Russian entrepreneurs and companies have already managed to extract their share of the profits from cooperation with them. If your goal is to be one of them, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the following services:

  • - Great for wholesale. It is characterized by affordable prices and a wide range of products, has an intuitive search engine and a fairly high-quality Russified interface. It is perhaps worth noting only the risk of encountering an unscrupulous seller as a disadvantage.
  • - the main advantage of this site for Russian consumers is the ability to make payments using domestic payment systems (prices are also displayed in rubles). There is also a round-the-clock support service, a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. However, it could not be flawless, and the prices are rather high and usability is not so great.
  • - the service is focused exclusively on wholesale commercial operations within China, so you can work with it only through third parties. It is worth mentioning that the platform has quite humane prices and a discount system based on the size of purchased goods consignment.
  • is one of the largest and most popular Chinese online retailers in our country. Protection from fraudsters is provided by a special system, according to the rules of which, the supplier will receive money only after confirmation of receipt of product from the buyer.


Which way to choose?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and the specifics of your business. The main thing that should not be forgotten - an independent search for suppliers and goods in China is associated with quite serious risks and almost always involves serious time and financial costs.

For those who do not find any of the above methods suitable for any reason, there is more than a worthy alternative offered by our company.

We have more than thirty years of successful experience in the field of services related to search for quality products and conscientious suppliers in China, and are ready to take on almost all the difficulties associated with this process.

At your service:

  • Security guarantee for all types of transactions
  • The ability to perform all payments in convenient currency
  • The most complete information about Chinese companies that meet your requirements
  • Competitive cost analysis of the products you plan to purchase
  • The ability to insure cargo
  • Assistance in negotiating with suppliers
  • Fast door-to-door delivery costs calculation

We also have a highly qualified personnel, among whom are exclusively competent specialists who are thoroughly versed in their business (including Chinese citizens). We have our own storage facilities in five Chinese cities that we are ready to provide for consolidation of your cargo before shipment.

Write your question or briefly describe the situation in which you need help, and we will contact you shortly