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Why is it important to inspect factories and suppliers in China

Chinese products have traditionally been the subject of commercial interest of many Russian entrepreneurs and companies. First of all, they are attracted by very affordable and competitive prices that allow to count on a stable and fairly high profit. However in reality everything may turn out to be far less rosy and cloudless.

For example, the first batches of production contain almost no defective samples and fully comply with the declared standards. However, having won the trust of the client, the manufacturer gradually lowers the bar, and the level of product quality drops significantly.

The most effective measure to protect yourself and your business from losses associated with such events is the inspection of factories and suppliers in China. Our company specialists are ready to become your "eyes and ears" in China and carefully study all the stages of production of the goods you are interested in, as well as the details and features of its packaging and delivery.

Why is it necessary?

Any attempt to establish business with Chinese manufacturers begins with the search for suitable suppliers who are ready to unconditionally fulfill their obligations. Solving this problem being thousands of kilometers away and not knowing the local culture and language is almost impossible.

As a result, if you still dare to buy a "pig in a poke", then you most likely will encounter at least one of the problems described below:

  • The supplier made a mistake with the quantity. It doesn’t matter if such a nuisance is a consequence of randomness or deliberate actions. When you receive the shipment, you can easily miss several tens or even hundreds of units. It is almost impossible to prove your case and get a refund in such situations, because your Asian partners will begin to assure you that they formed and sent the shipment in full accordance with the agreements reached. In addition, questions may arise among customs officials who have discovered clear discrepancies between the data specified in the documents and the actual characteristics of the cargo.
  • The external parameters of the goods do not correspond to the declared ones. Even if you received the goods on time, in the right quantity and configuration, do not rush to rejoice. It is better to immediately proceed to its thorough visual inspection. It may well turn out that the products were delivered to you in the wrong color or in the wrong packaging. Of course, the sales of such products will encounter difficulties and your company will incur losses.
  • The quality does not stand up to criticism – the products delivered by Chinese colleagues absolutely do not correspond to the level promised by the manufacturer (made of other materials, not amenable to normal assembly or has massive defects).

A thoroughly established procedure for inspection of factories and suppliers in China, performed by our specialists, will help you avoid all these and many other problems and will allow you to count on guaranteed production of high-quality products that fully meet your requirements.

How the inspection is performed?

First of all, the customer provides the terms of reference to the contractor. This document lists as much as possible parameters of specific products that need to be inspected. It can be color, labels, packaging, materials.

After that, company representatives go to the factory to make sure that the production facilities and raw materials fully comply with the standards stated at the conclusion of the contract.

The next inspection is usually carried out at the stage when part of the consignment is done. Its key goal is to control the compliance of manufactured products with customer requirements. If any deficiencies are identified, the customer will be immediately informed, and all necessary measures will be taken to eliminate them.

Another inspection, as a rule, is carried out immediately before sending the goods to the customer and is very important, since there are no other options to identify possible defects before delivery. In this case, the entire batch of products, as well as part of it, can be subjected to thorough inspection.

How many samples should be checked?

Surprisingly, "the more the better" principle that is widespread in our country is completely inapplicable here. The thing is that the more units of goods to be inspected, the higher the level of expenses for related activities will be. And when the question of economic feasibility is at stake, such things must be taken into account.

Much depends on the characteristics of the production process. For example, quality markers are more or less equally present in each of the product unit. In such cases, inspection of literally several samples will give an accurate idea of the state of the entire batch.

Who should you entrust the inspection with?

As trade relations between Russia and the China develop, services for factory inspection in Chinaare becoming more popular and many various companies and organizations are ready to provide them.

However, if you want to get a guarantee that your Asian partners will fulfill their obligations regarding the quantity and quality of goods sent, we recommend that you seek help from specialists from Bridge to China Co., Ltd. At your service:

  • Complex inspection of the manufacturer with an audit of the relevant documentation and a visit to the production site
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Help in completing of customs paperwork
  • Control at all stages from the start of production to packaging, dispatch and door-to-door delivery
  • Well-staffed qualified personnel, among whom are citizens of China
  • Availability of our own warehouses in five Chinese cities.
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