Cargo delivery over 100 kg handled out of line. Delivery from China

Do you want to expand your business all over Asia? Bridge to China will help you!

Following China’s open door policy there is a huge demand for international brands for various product categories.

BTC has a great influence and opportunities to bring your business to the fast-growing big market in China with the help of an established organizational structure and extensive relationships with local governments and various industries.

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If you produce:
Clothing and footware
Household goods
Food and drinks
Does your product online promotion not give the desired result? Is it impossible to find an offline sale point by yourself?
It's because of:
You lack the experience in sales in Asian countries
Advertising and market promotion problems
It’s hard to receive actual information about sales;
It’s difficult to withdraw profits from the products selling;
You have no proper contacts for preparing the paperwork for export;
You have issues with business process controlling and accounting;
You have difficulties with logistics.
Bridge to China Solved these problems!
“Online & Offline Combined Experience Store“
Now you will be able to promote your products by means of:
An extensive online platform visited by more than 500 million people per month;
Offline stores with a total area of 9,000 sq.m.;
Show-rooms and exhibitons.
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The procedure for product delivering to the chinese market:
To begin with, your company should provide us brief information on your brand and product lines. You should also provide a detailed descrition of your products and current selling prices in market. Please be sure that you provide us with a cost based on CIF prices for Hong Kong / China (CIF HK / China prices) fixing your price
Special notes:
Hong Kong is a free port, so we just need to add internal logistical costs.
The import license is required for all products at the Chinese market. We have the “permission to cross-border trade” so we are entitled to ask the Shanghai government to provide the official letter of invitation to foreign suppliers. It will speed up the process of introduction of foreign products to the Chinese market.
You need to sign a contract with our company after coming to an agreement about terms of cooperation
We’ll put your products on the appropriate online stores as soon as the contract payment is made
Special notes:
If you want to put your products on offline stores we’ll discuss the prospects and terms of cooperation.
We’ll create your personal business account on our platform for transaction tracking and record keeping. You will be able to monitor sales and the warehouse stock online
Business terms and conditions

To put the products on online & offline platforms it is necessary to pay an 800 CNY fee for each brand (i.e. one-time payment) and 100 CNY for each type of product per year.

We will put your products on our own online stores and the online stores which we cooperate with.

The products will be promoted in our offline stores or in the network of other representatives.

If you want to put products in other local stores the terms and conditions may differ.
If you want to put your products in our brand stores “Laowaijia” ( ) in Shanghai, some additional funds will be charged for expenses depending on the business terms and conditions.
Every single case will be discussed with you!
Terms and conditions for putting your products in LAOWAIJIA ( ) «ONLINE & OFFLINE COMBINED EXPERIENCE STORES»
Meantime the zones of such countries are registered in Laowaijia: “Korean zone” (400 sq. m.); “Japanese zone” (500 sq. m.) And “Australia + New Zealand” (300 sq.m.) and new ones are constantly added.
Requirements for every zone in LAOWAIJIA ( ) «ONLINE & OFFLINE COMBINED EXPERIENCE STORES» are 2000 SKU (2000 articles of the same country) at least.
The monthly fee is 200 CNY for each product without any additional cost.
The mandatory prepayment for the period of 3, 6 or 12 months.
Sales channels (Online & Offline)
Terms and conditions for putting your products in
The monthly fee is 200 CNY for each product. 6% of the monthly sales volume is charged by Laowaijia. It means that the customer will receive 94% of sales.
The area of each display is 70 square meters (only for own product demonstrating).
300 articles from the country must be placed on the display at least.
Terms and conditions for putting your products in
The «Laowaijia» rent is 190 CNY per 1 sq.m. per month. Special note: The standard area of rental rates in the Shanghai area is about 250 CNY per 1 sq.m. whereas it is almost impossible to find free spaces there.
Laowaijia will charge 25% of the monthly sales volume. It means that fast-food shop owner will receive 75% of the monthly
Each owner needs to install
Be the first among the lucky ones!
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