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Bridge to China is a reliable bridge on the way to business in Asia!

Trade experience in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 29 years!

Do you know that China is creating new free trade areas?

Nowadays, 110+ countries are the members of the new «Bridge to China» free trade area. The country has concluded bilateral and multilateral agreements on FTA with dozens of states and associations: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, ASEAN, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Australia, Iceland, South Korea, Norway, Switzerland, Gulf Cooperation Council, South African Customs Union. In its turn, it made a significant contribution to the «Silk Road» project implementation.
Key problems encountered by international business starters
Lack of necessary sales channels
Legal ignorance
Lack of knowledge on local market situation (actual market prices, main competitor)
Losses on taxes, tax policy ignorance
Mentality ignorance
Lack of connections in case of any problems
Who do we work with:
Small business or start-up
Network company (MLM), franchising
Big business, corporation
Cooperation with us opens wide prospect for you:
Acquiring the governmental connections with all Asian countries
Constructive partnership between the licensor, the licensee and the distributor
Your product ratified by our team goes to multiple online & offline platforms covering almost half of online channels in China, Hong Kong and Macau
Supplying goods of excellent quality and competitiveness
Bringing your brands to the fastest growing and large market
We promote your product with the help of the China Road Show and place it in our own stores and stores which we cooperate with
We have combined all the necessary business services with Asia in one place
Infrastructure development
  • Capability of establishing a long-term trusting partnership in the banking sector
Marketing and advertising
  • Product allocation on online and offline platforms visited by more than 500 million people per month
  • Cooperating with the extensive dealer network
  • Possibility of direct sales
Quality control
  • Your business model problems diagnostic and detection
  • Third-party producer’s goods quality evaluation
Progress strategy
  • Seizure of the dominant share of business in the sector
  • 100% satisfaction of the customer by your product
Technology transfer
  • Long and stable partnership relations with many foreign companies
Consulting service
  • Complex package of consulting services ranging from factory location and company forming to operation and business orientation
  • Legal Consulting
Corporate service
  • Choosing the most suitable form of business for effective company orientation and development
  • Assistance in reducing transportation costs and taxes
  • Professional translation services (Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, English and Chinese)
Conquer the world of opportunities with BRIDGE TO CHINA
We will help you to have a trip to the production you are interested in
We will meet you at the airport
Provided to the translator
We will arrange a meeting with the manufacturer
We will organize a goods tour
We will help with necessary documents registrating
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